call for artists

Wildfire Gallery is looking for artists working across all media and genre to be a part of our exciting new project.


Who are we?

Wildfire is a gallery platform seeking to transform the way the art world operates in terms of creation, engagement, affordability and ownership. For the artists who work with us, we offer the opportunity to really flex your creative muscles. The gallery will tour the country, delivering a different and vibrant exhibition in each town/city. Artists will be provided with a broad creative brief to respond to, based on themes which run through each location we visit on the tour. Furthermore, at each location, we will have ‘featured’ artists, who will be given a locale-specific brief to respond to, in order to engage with each place and its community on a deeper artistic level.
This, we hope, will give artists a platform to develop, experiment and move forward in their style and practice. We will be taking your art to places you may never think to go, hopefully growing your collector base and helping you begin to achieve levels of autonomy that you may toil years and years to achieve.

Sound like fun?

Here are some things to think about before getting in touch;

  • We’re looking for work across various media but because the gallery will travel, it will need to fit in a standard transit van alongside lots of other pieces. We can accommodate big, but not colossal!
  • The art we show will be sold at affordable prices, which anyone and everyone can afford. Our prices will range from between £20 and £750. The commission we will take from sales will be 50%. Commission earned by the gallery will be used to pay for the next exhibition, and to cover the overheads to keep the gallery running. Please keep these margins in mind when considering the materials and value of your work.

Please note: Our price range is not about devaluing art. We want to market your work and sell it to EVERYBODY so that the currently small and elitist marketplace, can become a larger, more inclusive and accessible marketplace with a buoyant and diverse supply and demand. 

We believe a middle-ground can and should exist, but the conversation needs to start somewhere. So we are starting it here.

Together, we will grow the project so that you can start reaching a larger audience and earn more money from your artwork, and we hope that in time we can support you to earn a living by working with us. The hope is that together we can spark something greater in the art world – that we can help people realise that this model of buying and selling art is sustainable. Inciting new collectors, new engagement and more artists able to make a full-time living through their work.

Still with us?

Then email us via this address;

Include a short description of what you do, what attracts you to the project and any examples of previous/current work or links to your personal website or instagram. After that, we’ll contact you to arrange an informal meeting to discuss your work, the project and ultimately the possibility of working together.

We are ambitious, driven and dedicated to fulfilling the goals and targets we have set ourselves. This next year and a half will be an adventure, it’ll be exciting, challenging and fun, setting the foundations for a long-lasting project spanning many years. Get in touch, hopefully we’ll be embarking on this creative journey together!

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